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A New Era for HPC-Driven Engineering Simulation

Market pressure and technological advancements have rapidly changed the way engineers work. Design engineers increasingly work with larger and more complex models, must conduct more frequent simulation analysis, and iterate more rapidly. Compute constraints, however, often result in engineers limiting model sizes and simulation fidelity, or relying on lengthy, overnight simulation runs.

High-performance computing (HPC) resources, both in the cloud and on-premises, can remove these obstacles and unlock new levels of engineering performance. Ansys has recently released a new white paper, A New Era for HPC-Driven Engineering Simulation, that outlines the benefits of HPC for engineering, and corrects common misconceptions about the technology.

The white paper describes how HPC users have overcome compute bottlenecks and adapted HPC to their workflows and budgets, saving valuable time in the process – time that can better be spent developing innovative designs. The paper also addresses common misconceptions about HPC (around pricing/licensing models, hybrid deployments, performance concerns, etc.) and how modern HPC solutions can provide the flexibility and power they need to address their engineering workflows.

Readers will also learn: 

  • The effects of limiting model sizes and application capabilities to accommodate compute limits.
  • How tools that make extensible “supercomputing” simple and cost-efficient can eliminate those compute constraints.
  • What the first steps are toward breaking free of the tyranny of limited compute resources.

You can learn more about cloud-based HPC engineering solutions and the expertise Ansys provides in these environments by downloading the white paper here.


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