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Space Exploration: Materials for Rocket Tanks

Plans for space expeditions to the moon and Mars are increasingly in the news. Inserting payloads in orbit from Earth requires rockets able to generate high thrust by expelling exhaust gases at supersonic speed through propelling nozzles. The fuel and oxidizer are burnt in the combustion chamber and stored in big pressurized cryogenic tanks. Engineering students working on designing rockets as part of a final project encounter major challenges in choosing the right materials for such tanks.

Materials selection for rocket tanks typically tries to minimize the tank’s mass for fixed designs while maximizing safety performance. Ansys Granta EduPack allows you to interactively investigate potential materials following the Ashby rational materials selection methodology, and, for instance, easily compare the performance of composites and metal alloys. In this webinar we will show how to derive multiple performance metrics for materials selection of cryogenic pressurized rocket tanks and how to visualize them in the same materials property chart. 

What you will learn

  • How to explore the Granta Materials data library: metals and composites 
  • How Granta EduPack can be used to inspire engineering students with materials selection case studies
  • How to derive and apply performance indices for extremely demanding materials applications 


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