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Smarter Material Selection for Magnetic Simulation

Ansys Maxwell is our industry-leading solver for low-frequency EM field simulation and explores the design of electromagnetic and electromechanical devices. Materials can play a vital role in this design - the right design requires suitable materials. 

Selecting the best materials leads to improved performance and greater reliability. Choosing these optimal materials and finding accurate simulation-ready property data can be challenging and time-consuming – considering all the necessary technical, environmental, and economic factors.

This webinar will explore the comprehensive materials data and powerful selection capabilities in Ansys Granta Selector. We will show you how to rapidly find, compare and make decisions on electromagnetic materials and narrow down from thousands of potential materials to the few best candidates for your application. We will also show you how to export critical property data from your candidate materials in simulation-ready format straight into Ansys Maxwell.

Using the case study of a soft magnetic material in an inductor, we demonstrate the capabilities of Ansys Maxwell for direct and powerful electromagnetic simulations.

What you will learn 

  • Save time by rapidly finding data on materials of interest and selecting the optimal material for the component first time
  • Use Ansys Maxwell and other Ansys Electronics Desktop solvers with Ansys Granta Selector
  • Discover the materials data and intelligent selection capabilities in Ansys Granta Selector – magnetic materials, printed circuit boards, metals, polymers, composites, ceramics, and more


  • Roger Barnett
  • Bo Yang


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