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Nuclear Instrumentation and Control: Why Your Development Process is Probably Wrong

The nuclear industry has a long development and maintenance lifecycle and for good reason, safety is paramount! However, we can use modern simulation and model-based techniques to improve ongoing maintenance and new development tasks whilst reducing cost and meeting the stringent certification requirements of IEC60880 and IEC61508.

Ansys SCADE Solutions are specifically built for embedded software development. Not only does SCADE support a model-based workflow for defining the overall software architecture for critical technology systems, but it also automates the generation of millions of lines of software code that execute this functional model.

Ansys Twin solutions enable the detailed simulation of physical plant behaviour by combining models ranging in fidelity from simple equation-based analytical models to complex 3D simulation-based reduced order models. Used for system design and control testing, these models may then be deployed outside of the desktop environment for use in digital twin applications.

What You Will Learn

  • How a model-based software environment can automate major steps of your development process
  • How to create a faster, more streamlined compliance with industry regulations.
  • Validate your low-level software requirements through simulation


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