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May 4, 2021


Modeling Robots —
System-Level Modeling Using Ansys Motion and Ansys Twin Builder

Learn how to model and simulate all three subsystems of a robot — an assembly linked by joints, power electronics/actuators and controllers — using Ansys Motion and Ansys Twin Builder.

The world increasingly relies on robots to deliver speed (e.g., industrial process automation), precision (e.g., in automotive welding) and safety (e.g., in defense/surgery). To make robots as robust as possible requires precise modeling using simulation on all three subsystems: (1) an assembly of bodies typically linked by joints, (2) power electronics/actuators to drive the mechanism/s and (3) controllers that ensure predictable, desired motion.

Ansys has all the tools you need for complete, system-level modeling of a robot. The mechanism’s structure can be modeled using Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Motion. The actuators can be modeled in a variety of ways, such as using simple Mechanical/Motion elements, Twin Builder Hydraulic/Motor components and Modelica components. Finally, Ansys Twin Builder combines all these elements together to form a closed-loop control system.

This webinar covers some of the important aspects of modeling robots, namely rigid vs. flexible bodies, joint types, contacts, actuators, controllers, data processing, simulation platform (Twin Builder), key analysis settings and common pitfalls. 




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