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Modeling Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Latches with A Comprehensive Ansys Solution

Magnetic latches play a vital role in today's consumer electronics, industrial and automotive applications. Simulation of permanent magnets in latching devices, using Ansys Maxwell, helps engineers predict magnetic forces and understand the magnetic field distribution and stray flux.

Further, design engineers can realize cost savings and improve the performance of magnetic latches by setting up magnet sizing and material studies in Ansys Maxwell. We'll explore critical design aspects, such as saturation in ferromagnetic materials, advanced magnetic capabilities including magnetization/demagnetization, temperature dependence, vector hysteresis modeling, and complex kinematics/impact prediction.

What you will learn

Join us on Thursday, April 18th at 11 a.m. ET to learn how to model permanent magnets and magnetic latches.

  • Understand the fundamentals of permanent magnets and their applications
  • How to assign magnetization to permanent magnets for latching applications
  • How to set up and simulate magnetic field and force
  • How to size permanent magnets and select material types through parametric studies
  • How to model magnetization/demagnetization, magnetic moment, hysteresis, and remanent flux
  • How to set up and simulate kinematics and impact using Ansys Maxwell and Ansys Motion


Peng Han


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