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Mitigate Water Splashing for Vehicle Visibility and Safety

Many early SPH applications were dedicated to high velocity and hypervelocity impact simulations. In recent years, there's growing interest in fluid flow modeling like liquid sloshing, wheel water splashing, and gear splashing. These long-term problems can take time to solve using an explicit SPH method. LS-DYNA has implemented a weakly compressible formulation (Implicit SPH), allowing us to solve these fluid flow problems.

We will discuss important aspects of wheel water splashing workflow using implicit SPH solver and postprocessing features of LS-DYNA to predict the wetting area for driver visibility and determine the water splashing towards pedestrians and nearby vehicles. You'll understand the water splashing source and passenger load effect on splash pattern.

What you will learn

  • Get information on ISPH solutions capabilities
  • Learn about water splashing simulation workflow
  • See postprocessing feature of water splashing simulation

Who Should Watch

  • Proprietors/directors/senior executives
  • R&D engineers / heads / managers
  • Design engineers / heads / managers
  • Product development engineers / heads / managers
  • Quality heads/managers/engineers


Raman Babu


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