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Integrating 3D Medical Images with Simulation

The desire to design and evaluate product performance using realistic patient anatomy is well-established throughout the medical device industry. In recent years, the need to utilize populations of patient anatomies has been identified as a key to better understanding device safety and efficacy. The population-based approach also enables greater use of computational modeling and simulation to improve the device design process, augment clinical trials and provide regulatory evidence. However, achieving these goals depends on flexible, robust and reliable software tools that seamlessly interact to perform image segmentation, create simulation-ready models and run the numerical models. Synopsys ScanIP was recently integrated into the Ansys Workbench platform so that users can easily transition from image segmentation to simulation to enable this vision.

This webinar will review the process of generating both patient-specific and populations of anatomical models with Synopsys Simpleware software, and how integration of Synopsys ScanIP into Ansys Workbench facilitates computational modeling with patient-specific anatomy. Key capabilities that facilitate this process will be introduced, including automatic segmentation and landmarking, fully automated workflows including device implantation and robust, high-quality multipart mesh generation. The scope and features of the Image-Based Modeling Workbench plug-in will also be reviewed.. 

Speakers: Rebecca Bryan, Synopsys & Marc Horner, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys 


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