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Improving Your Turbomachinery Designs with AxSTREAM-Automated Workflow

Modern turbomachinery development requires fast design cycles that tune design parameters and predict their effects on performance with accuracy and reliability. The designs also need to account for variable operating conditions (often called "off-design"), integral to the intended product. Each part of the development process requires different analysis fidelity, often involving various tools, leading to information transfer and compatibility challenges between software packages. 

This webinar will show the workflow automation which enables a seamless workflow between turbomachinery design in AxSTREAM and high-fidelity CFD analysis in Ansys CFX. We'll conduct a single-stage high-pressure ratio turbocompressor during this webinar, with the following activities presented:

  1. The initial design of the impeller using AxSTREAM's generative design solver, keeping an existing dimensional constraint in consideration
  2. Optimization of the design in an automated workflow to increase range of operation while maintaining efficiency at key required operating points and keeping casing geometry constraints.
  3. Validation of the initial design and optimized design using complete 3D CFD in Ansys CFX.
  4. Automated workflow generation in Ansys Workbench from AxSTREAM's drop-down interface transfers geometry, generates an initial mesh, and defines boundary conditions and interfaces, enabling the designer to start CFD runs within minutes.

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Get the critical steps in turbomachinery flow path design using modern software
  • Optimize the performance of the design with automated workflows and optimization processes
  • Understand key aspects of range extension while keeping within geometry constraints
  • See new features that enable users to perform CFD with the push of a few buttons through new automation capabilities between AxSTREAM and Ansys Workbench
  • Validate results using both 1D/2D analysis and 3D CFD computations

Who should attend

  • Turbomachinery Engineers
  • Analysis and Simulation Engineers
  • Product Development Engineers
  • Engineering Managers


  • Vlad Goldenberg
  • Samir Rida


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