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How to Model Vapor Compression Systems in Digital Twins

Vapor-compression systems are used in a wide range of devices, and the technology basics are mature. Still, innovative system designs can allow the optimization of the systems and the potential to use them in a wide variety of new applications. Discover how to rapidly create high-performance, robust models to predict the real-world dynamic behavior of vapor compression systems, thanks to the Vapor Cycle Library (VCL) from Modelon, part of the Ansys Heating and Cooling Library.

Join us as we unveil examples predicting the performance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems ranging from flow, pressure, and temperature distribution.

Used across the system's life, from the early design stage, selecting and sizing components, to the operational phase, enabling physics-based predictions as part of a digital twin.

What you will learn 

  • Learn typical use cases and library examples
  • See the unique modeling approach of the library
  • Discover the benefits when compared to standard libraries


  • Jose Luis Gonzalez


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