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How Liftra Uses Cloud Based Simulations to Speed up the Creation of Wind Turbines Cranes by 5X

How to remove hardware barrier? How to scale up or down based on peak demands? Many engineers from all industries are asking themselves these questions including wind turbine cranes specialist, Liftra. Design engineers need to run simulations faster, simulate complex models within a reasonable time frame but also reduce, as much as possible, the product development cycles. Engineers can purchase expensive HPC cluster or increase local computational resources, but this is a very costly solution and waste of resources when not used. More and more customers are thus leveraging cloud computing to allocate resources only when needed.

Liftra is recognized by the international wind turbine industry as a professional specialist in lifting and transportation solutions. Liftra guarantee excellent engineering services in this field, and all projects developed in cooperation with Liftra take into account the practical context for their application. To be a leader on the market, Liftra is using structural simulation running on Ansys Cloud with HPC capabilities provided by Microsoft Azure and leveraging Intel hardware.

What you will learn

  • Learn how Liftra is successful by using combination of Elastic Licensing and Ansys Cloud
  • Understand how flexible this solution is, giving access to many cores to scale up and down depending on projects demand
  • See how Liftra benchmarked the different virtual machine available in the solution to find the best fitting cost/performance hardware configuration
  • How to be successful with a Hybrid approach to use a combination of on prem and on cloud usage to boost efficiency and innovation


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