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Groundbreaking Simulation Solutions for CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage)

With growing concern over climate change due to GHGs worldwide, the reduction in CO2 emission is necessary to follow the agreement of COP-21. Companies are rethinking their carbon capture strategies. In this webinar, we'll showcase how Ansys solutions are helping customers achieve their net-zero goals and provide relevant case studies examples.

  • Retrofitting with CCUS Equipment: With simulation, companies can identify where and how retrofitting can reduce downtime when making upgrades for pre-combustion and post-combustion carbon capture techniques.
  • Design and Scale-Up Studies: How simulation enables optimized designs of carbon capture technologies, ensuring they meet the designated requirements.
  • Analysis of carbon capture technologies with separation (Absorption, Adsorption, and Calcination Processes): Simulations can analyze and validate the efficiency of carbon capture processes such as absorption, membrane filtrations, fluidized beds, and chemical looping.
  • Predictive Maintenance Using ROMs and Digital Twins: Learn how advanced digitalization technologies, such as digital twins and reduced-order models (ROMs), optimize systems and predict when maintenance is required. 

We will demonstrate how a virtual replica of a physical asset connects with sensors mounted on the asset, consumes live data, feeds into a previously built simulated model, and mirrors the real-world experience of that equipment.

What you will learn 

  • Simulation technology that can keep carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere
  • Critical importance of carbon capture technologies for decarbonizing our economy rapidly
  • Carbon capture technologies with separation
  • Predictive maintenance Using ROMS and Digital Twins 


  • Muhammad Sami, Principal Application Engineer


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