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Getting Started With Robust Product Optimization

Applying design variations for optimization has been around for some time in engineering. Often the goal of variation analysis and design optimization is to reduce material usage, which could lead to design limitations involving stress, distortions, or other critical weight imbalances, including oversizing.

Design optimization is also essential for safety reasons and to minimize costs. Further, your product must perform well during setup, manufacturing, and once it goes to market with changing environmental settings or conditions.

To ensure product reliability throughout all stages, you must perform multiple tests using various parameter settings. By integrating Ansys optiSLang within a virtual prototyping environment, you can explore these variables more quickly and efficiently using stochastic and robust analyses through computer-aided engineering and simulation.

We refer to this optimization and combined analyses as Robust Design Optimization, also known as Design for Six Sigma or Robust Design.

What you will learn 

  • In the this webinar on June 28, 2022, you will learn how to use simulation-based Robust Design Optimization by integrating Ansys optiSLang into product development.
  • In another webinar (time and date to be announced) we will show you automated simulation workflows using hands-on examples.
  • In a third webinar (time and date to be announced), we will demonstrate how to assess design variants and perform robust product optimization in detail. 


  • Roger Schlegel, Director Application Engineering, Ansys
  • Quentin Hamoir, Regional Sales Manager


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