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Electromagnetic Simulation for Rail Applications

Rail applications have unique electromagnetic requirements, and Ansys technologies improve the design and compatibility of rail systems. 

  1. Rail platform mechanical designs are physically large and complex. See how Ansys EMA3D Cable allows for extensive platform electromagnetic modeling with reduced need for simulation cleaning and preparation.
  2. The electromagnetic environment near rail installations is complex. Learn how Ansys EMA3D Cable can predict interference between various rail systems and nearby equipment such as power lines. 
  3. Rail systems must survive harsh environments, such as lightning. The presentation will demonstrate lightning protection design using EMA3D Cable.
  4. High voltages associated with rail electrification require careful design to prevent failure and injury. See demonstrations of modeling for corona, arcing, and dielectric breakdown with Ansys EMA3D Charge.

What you will learn

  • Get a tour of how Ansys EMA3D Cable rapidly imports and meshes complex rail geometry with ease
  • Learn how to perform simulations for electromagnetic interference and lightning protection in Ansys EMA3D Cable
  • See animations of charging, corona, and arcing in typical rail systems and electronics in Ansys EMA3D Cable

Who should attend

Rail engineers responsible for electromagnetic effects, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), system integration, lightning design, and compatibility with nearby power systems.


  • Tim McDonald, President, EMA
  • Giancarlo Guida, Lead Engineer, Ansys
  • Justin McKennon, Principal Scientist I, EMA


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