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Efficient and Accurate Simulation of Layered Composite Structures

A composite material is a blend of two or more materials possessing different physical and chemical properties. Due to their light weight, high strength and ultimate design flexibility, composite structures are being used in a range of applications including aerospace, automotive, architecture, infrastructure, energy, marine, military and sports.

Engineering layered composites requires identification of the number of layers along with the thickness and relative orientation of each layer. Engineers must predict the performance of composite products under field conditions for safe, efficient operation of their product.

Ansys solutions offer a range of capabilities for modeling the most complex composite structures to predict the performance and potential failure of layered composite products. ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP) has an intuitive interface dedicated to the modeling of layered composite structures.

In this webinar, we spotlight some recent advances in Ansys composite solutions to efficiently define materials, plies and stacking sequences, along with post-processing capabilities, to conduct in-depth investigations of composite product behavior.



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