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Digital Engineering 101 as Taught by Tony Stark 

Industry leaders in software services are delivering at the speed of solutions.

What does this look like? Companies like Netflix release software into production thousands of times a day across hundreds of services in nearly real-time, thanks to their DevSecOps methodology. 

And suppose they need to undo some change. In that case, they roll back the code and submit another release to the pipeline—this transformation in software engineering results in agility, speed, and confidence of an unprecedented scale. 

Our customers have taken notice of this sea change in software services. They are challenging us to bring the same agility, speed, and confidence to physical systems as demonstrated by the 2018 release of the DoD's Digital Engineering Strategy. While the Digital Engineering Strategy provides an excellent vision of Digital Engineering, it does not answer the kinds of questions raised every day:

  • Why do we need Digital Engineering? 
  • What does Digital Engineering look like?
  • What do we need to implement Digital Engineering?

We need someone we can look to answer these questions, who can inspire us and show us Digital Engineering in action. We need someone we all know whose work can inform how we formulate Digital Transformation plans by providing us with concrete examples of Digital Engineering in action and demonstrating the value of Digital Engineering. What we need is a Digital Engineering superhero. Fortunately, Marvel Studios has already provided us with one: Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

What you will learn 

  • Why we need Digital Engineering
  • What does Digital Engineering look like
  • How to implement Digital Engineering


J. Simmons, Ph.D., Digital Engineering Consultant


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