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Develop, Test and Validate the Best Driver Monitoring Systems

As per decision of the European Commission, the presence of a system actively monitoring driver condition and distractions will be mandatory for all new cars manufactured in 2026 and later, whereas this rule will be gradually introduced from 2022 on. Such driver monitoring systems (DMS) may combine advanced optical and electromagnetic sensors to detect driver’s eye movement, facial feature movement, breathing, etc. Furthermore, AI-based algorithms are often employed for recognition of these features. Such complex systems require rigorous testing and validation in order to achieve the necessary level of reliability and safety. This webinar spotlights how Ansys can help you develop, test and validate the best DMS for your customers, while simultaneously saving development time and cost.

  • Explore how Ansys Speos simulates the optical system of the DMS.
  • Understand how to simulate a real sensor with the multiphysics approach.
  • Learn how to integrate the Zemax opticStudio optical design into a Speos radiometric simulation.
  • Discover how to optimize the position and field of view of the camera and evaluate robust lighting.

Speaker: Petr Fomin


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