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Deploying an Efficient Sub-Modeling Strategy with Ansys Simulation Solutions

Current trends in simulation show an increased need for the computation of large finite element models. With more of the structure typically being included in the simulation, the analyst faces the dilemma of how to obtain an accurate stress prediction at all important locations.

Large models with small features require a refined mesh in local areas to accurately assess stresses; these models can become too large to run or have very long run times if a mesh- refinement-only strategy is implemented in many areas.

More computational resources could always be thrown at the problem; however, this resource is not always available and a "one large size fits all" approach is not always the most time- or cost-efficient. Therefore, the analyst needs a method of accurately capturing the displacement and load paths in a global (coarse) model and using these results as a boundary condition to drive smaller, higher fidelity models of local regions. This approach is referred to as sub-modeling.

Ansys Workbench provides an easy way to implement a workflow for creating sub-models and linking them to a master global model.

What you will learn

This webinar will highlight the techniques, capabilities, and workflows for implementing an effective sub-modeling strategy. Whether the global and or sub-model consists of beams, shells or solids, Ansys Workbench offers an effective solution for obtaining accurate stress results in large structures with small features.


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