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Debunking Myths of HPC, Cloud and Licensing

According to a recent survey, 40% of engineers limit the size or amount of detail for every simulation model due to compute capacity and turnaround time constraints. Recognizing this, smaller and mid-sized companies now seek more affordable, accessible and powerful hardware, making high-performance computing (HPC) a necessity. Nevertheless, many misconceptions still surround HPC and cloud deployment models as well as HPC and cloud licensing. These fallacies prevent adoption in product development scenarios where HPC — available on-premise and in the cloud — clearly provides a higher return on investment.

Join us for this free webinar which dispels leading misconceptions and provides insight to help you steer around possible failure points as you consider on-premise or cloud-based HPC.

  • Discover how to leverage on-demand cloud computing within structures, fluids and electronics tools to significantly reduce turnround time for compute-intensive problems.
  • Learn how to optimize the cost of your simulation usage by mixing elastic (usage-based) and traditional (lease or paid-up) licensing.
  • Receive guidance on certified remote displays and VDI solutions, as well as affordable turnkey HPC appliances that simplify on-premise HPC deployment.
  • Get tips on using the cloud to safeguard your data, cut costs and simultaneously migrate your workloads.


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