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Ansys Speos 2020 R1: Powering Dynamic New Lighting Advancements

This impactful webinar provides you with a comprehensive look at the many ways you can leverage Ansys Speos to measure and quantify light by simulating lighting material and design interaction. Exploring 2020 R1, we will analyze Speos’ latest features that stretch the limits of lighting simulation, empowering you to quickly and efficiently model many types of lighting variations to optimize your product’s lighting system performance.

Additionally, we will discuss how Speos’ physics-based simulations will streamline your design process, enabling you to better understand how your product will operate in real-world lighting and usage conditions. This helps you create lighting that drives efficient energy and materials use; develop intelligent lighting with the best quality for optimal user experiences; and move towards sustainable lighting to develop long-lasting solutions.

Join us for this free webinar and learn how the latest 2020 R1 enhancements for Speos will help you design new lighting systems with the highest quality and efficiency, satisfying the needs of the global market and using eco-friendly products.

  • Discover how to simulate and validate a lighting device’s integration into specified environments by considering multiphysics behavior – thermal, optical, mechanical and electronics.
  • Understand how to optimize the shape and the number of your luminaires’ components.
  • Learn how to use Speos to speed your time to market, radically reduce your physical prototyping and slash your development time.


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