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Ansys 2021 R2: Introducing New Ansys Solutions for RF/Microwave Filter Design

5G development is driving the need for more filter designs in newer frequency bands and new topologies across an ever-increasing number of products.  Microwave and mmWave filter designs have historically been handled by specialists. With the increased demand for filters, less experienced engineers need to get involved in filter design to achieve the throughput required for 5G implementation.

Advanced software tools for filter design can help less experienced engineers be productive in less time and increase the efficiency of experienced engineers.

In our latest release, Ansys 2021 R2, Ansys introduces two new RF/microwave filter design and analysis solutions.

What you will learn

  • Nuhertz FilterSolutions — Planar and lumped element filter synthesis, response prediction and geometry creation
  • SynMatrix — arbitrary topology filter synthesis, analysis and optimization
  • Tight integration with HFSS offering an efficient workflow from synthesis to layout to EM optimization


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