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Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization for A&D

Companies worldwide, particularly in the Aerospace and Defense industry, continuously seek to optimize their products and improve existing performance. The challenges involved in this shape optimization process could be time-consuming, a requirement of substantial manual inputs, and multiple design iterations.

Adjoint Solver — a free add-on module available with Ansys Fluent — enables shape optimization smartly and automatically with minimal turnaround time. Using its unique sensitivity-based algorithm, Adjoint Solver helps optimize your existing design and export the morphed geometry.

This webinar delivers a brief overview of the adjoint methodology (as implemented in Ansys Fluent) and explores several adjoint optimization examples applied to a diverse range of aerospace problems. This lightning talk will also include expert tips for managing the adjoint-based workflow.

What you will learn 

  • Find your optimal shape and automatically morph your shape
  • Get expert tips on managing your Adjoint Solver workflow
  • Perform mesh-morphing quickly and automatically using Adjoint Solver’s design tool


  • Debabrata Mahapatra


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