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A Faster Way to Develop and Optimize Materials

Materials informatics for data-driven materials design has been attracting attention in many industries. This design approach requires a large amount of material data, which is typically based on actual materials test data. But, for materials such as composites, which have countless ways to combine materials with limitless design freedom, testing becomes prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, creating a material database relying entirely on actual material tests is not always practical.

A proven alternative is to use FEM to obtain material properties through virtual material testing, which can be done with Multiscale.Sim, an extension for the Ansys Workbench environment. With a new interface with Ansys Granta MI, the material data derived by Multiscale.Sim can now be centrally stored, managed and analyzed. Granta MI is available in native Workbench applications so you can use the stored materials data and properties for your next simulation.

In this presentation, we will introduce the basic features of Multiscale.Sim and Granta MI with examples of generating (and extrapolating) material properties for multiple topologies. We expect that our solution will be of interest not only to the aerospace industry, where the application of composite materials is mainstream, but also to customers in many other industries.

Speaker: Charlie Bream, Principal Product Manager, Ansys; Koji Yamamoto & Chandima Uyanage, Cybernet 


What Attendees Will Learn

  1. Introduction to Multiscale.Sim and Granta MI tools for the Ansys Workbench environment. 
  2. Typical challenges that combining these tools can solve for engineers.
  3. Demonstration of the workflow for designing a composite material from Multiscale.Sim (multiscale design and analysis) to Granta MI (material storage, visualization, access).
  4. By combining Ansys Workbench, Multiscale.Sim and Granta MI, users can facilitate parametric studies to develop new or optimize existing materials.


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