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3 Steps for Optimizing Automotive Performance with Liquid Cooling

In the automotive industry, the frequent shift in consumer demand pushes companies to be more innovative and the value of engineering simulation leads the way in helping businesses become more competitive. To achieve this, design teams must explore beyond traditional techniques to meet certain requirements, which can be challenging to manage through traditional simulation workflows.

This webinar highlights how Discovery combines interactive real-time simulation with Ansys flagship technology in one single, user-friendly interface. We will demonstrate how this cutting-edge tool helps you iterate quickly to explore design scenarios faster in your product design process.

  • Learn how Ansys Discovery provides rapid design exploration and delivers detailed insight into product performance.
  • Explore how you can use Discovery’s intuitive user interface to leverage Ansys flagship solvers such as Ansys Fluent.
  • Understand the impact of simulation-driven design.
  • Learn techniques for thermal management through conjugate heat transfer (CHT).
  • Receive expert insights on how you can leverage Fluent within Ansys Discovery to perform a fluid-solid CHT simulation to precisely predict temperature distribution and fluid pressure drop.

Speakers: Curt Chan and Ethan Thompson



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