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Case Study

K8T Optimized Stadium Performance During the Pan American Games Thanks to Ansys Tools

With the Pan-American games currently underway in Peru, the highlight of the newly redeveloped Villa Deportiva Nacional (VIDENA) sport complex is its world-class athletics stadium. K8T developed an innovative wind screen for installation inside the stadium that provided aerodynamic control of the track’s home straight. The screen design helped the stadium meet the necessary criteria and helped participating athletes improve their qualifying times for future international events.


For the Pan American games to proceed, stadium wind dynamics are first subject to World Athletics compliance. Prevailing track dynamics dictated that runners would face strong headwinds during a race, skewing results and invalidating any world or track records. To change these conditions and achieve compliance required a simple, costeffective wind screen system capable of reducing overall wind speed without creating adverse air flow conditions on the track. 

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