Battery Management Systems

In addition to performance, safety and cost considerations associated with the electrification of automobiles, aircraft and industrial equipment, battery capacity (mileage, charge time and operational lifespan) must be factored into all design equations.

ANSYS solutions for battery modeling work together to form a complete battery management system that spans component-level CFD analysis to system and reduced-order modeling techniques to the embedded software code that monitors and controls the system.

At the component level, ANSYS offers a unique platform to generate physics-based (fluids, structural, electronics and semiconductors) solutions for battery systems management. For system-level analysis, the integration capabilities of ANSYS Twin Builder will facilitate the building, simulating and testing of the entire battery-powered electrical system. And, the new ANSYS Battery Design Toolkit (ABDT), which follows an ECM-based approach to modeling battery packs and modules, will save development time and cost, and ensure design accuracy — early in the design process.

Battery Management Applications

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