You can use HPC licenses to run a single analysis across multiple processors (cores) and work with most ANSYS applications.These licenses are particularly suited for entry-level parallel processing because they provide you with the ability to start small and license only parallel processes needed. You can add multiple CPUs (and GPUs) at a small incremental cost. You can enable GPU acceleration when using HPC licenses with ANSYS applications, including Mechanical, Fluent, HFFS Transient, and Polyflow. Other applications are limited to CPU cores only.


HPC Pack

HPC Pack licenses can be combined to run a single analysis across a relatively high number of processors (cores) to offer highly scaled parallel processing for your most computationally demanding projects. Alternatively, they can also be separately used to run multiple analyses across multiple processors. Because HPC Packs are designed to provide virtually unlimited HPC, certain licensing combinations are not possible. For example, individual HPC Pack Licenses cannot be split between multiple users or between multiple analyses. You also cannot combine HPC Pack Licenses with any other type of HPC licenses in the same analysis.

HPC Capability: HPC Pack

HPC Workgroup

When HPC is used for capacity — the ability to run multiple multi-core jobs — the return on investment (ROI), accordingly, increases in a linear fashion with the cores. HPC Workgroup solutions provide volume access to parallel processing for increased simulation throughput for multiple jobs and/or multiple users. They reward the volume buyer with scaled pricing and improved productivity within a single co-located workgroup.

HPC Capability: HPC Workgroup

HPC Parametric Pack

Simultaneously solving multiple design points reduces the time required for a parametric study. ANSYS HPC Parametric Packs make that process very affordable for structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications. HPC Parametric Packs are designed for ANSYS Workbench jobs requiring multiple design point updates, enabling simultaneous execution of multiple design points with a single set of application licenses.

HPC Parametric Packs amplify all the licenses needed by your project and allow you to run n design points simultaneously with only one set of keys. The design points can include the execution of multiple products (pre- and post-processing, meshing, solve and HPC). HPC Parametric Packs also work in conjunction with ANSYS HPC and ANSYS HPC Pack Licenses so that they enable multiple parallel processes to be used for each design point. The first HPC Parametric Pack will enable you to go run four design points simultaneously (2*2^1=4), but each additional pack doubles the number of design points you can run, so that five HPC Parametric Packs gives you 2*2^5=64 simultaneous runs. You can use a maximum of five HPC Parametric Pack licenses per design study.

HPC Capability: HPC Parametric Pack

Distributed Solve (DSO)

LIke the HPC Parametric Pack, the Distributed Solve Option (DSO) is a productivity enhancement tool, but electromagnetics. DSO accelerates sweeps of design variations by distributing the design parameters across a network of processors. DSO offers a near-linear speed increase over conventional simulations by distributing and simultaneously solving user-defined geometric variations across a network of computers.

DSO can be added to ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Q3D Extractor and ANSYS Maxwell products, and requires the Optimetrics option.

HPC Capability: Distributed Solve (DSO)

HPC Partner Solutions

We work with the leaders in HPC to ensure that ANSYS is optimized on the latest computing platforms. In addition, HPC partners work with ANSYS to develop specific tools, guidelines and recommended hardware and system configurations. This helps you to navigate the rapidly changing HPC landscape, to simplify cluster deployments, and acquire the optimum infrastructure for running ANSYS software.

Click here for our list of HPC partners.

Note also this IT webcast series, in which our HPC partners share their knowledge and experience to support you with strategic decision making related to HPC systems for ANSYS applications.

HPC Simplified - Video

HPC Capability: HPC Partner Solutions