Representation of Systems Operational Scenarios

As systems become more complex, greater definition of their operations is needed. With SCADE Architect users now have extended modeling capabilities to allow them to define the intricacies of a system and its subsystems operations through the addition of behavioral diagram modeling.

Beginning with relesee 16.0, SCADE Architect includes extended capabilities for standard representations of systems operational scenarios with SysML behavioral diagrams. In addition to existing diagrams for block definition and internal block, The product now includes diagrams for use case, state machine, activity and sequence.

Use Case Diagram:

  • Lists the use cases of the system, highlights the actors interacting with the system
  • Can be further refined with other system behavioral diagrams

Operational Scenarios Use Case Diagram

Sequence Diagram:

  • Highlights an operational system scenario referenced from use cases
  • Explains the sequences of exchanges that happen inside a given system
  • Can reference other sequence diagrams or system state machines

Operational Scenarios Sequence Diagram

System State Machine Diagram:

  • Highlights the states and transitions of a system or subsystem at any level of the system decomposition (not for the software level)
  • Navigates from any state to inner state machine
  • Provides free text or signal usage on transitions

Operational Scenarios System State Machine Diagram

Activity Diagram:

  • Highlights the ordering of the actions occurring within a subsystem at any level of the system decomposition
  • Navigates from any action to inner activity diagram or state machine

Operational Scenarios Activity Diagram