System & Software Architecture Design

SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler features the following capabilities:

Functional and Architecture Design

  • Functional and architecture decomposition through block diagrams
  • Simple and intuitive definition of system architectures through the concept of reusable/unique blocks
  • Component reuse managed with block replicas and ability to allocate items independently on each component replica
  • Comprehensive visualization of component hierarchy within project tree
  • Allocation of functions to components made locally to the functions or components, or through drag-and-drop in allocation tables
  • Annotation mechanism to add custom properties on model objects

Data Management

  • Definition of data dictionaries
  • Import/export of data dictionaries in Microsoft® Excel® or comma-separated value files
  • Data propagation across block hierarchy
  • Data propagation path visualization
  • Data propagation consistency checks
  • Tables of model objects (I/O ports, connectors, data, allocations) with unlimited hierarchical levels and customizable columns aimed at quickly and efficiently managing long lists of data
  • Ability to search table contents

System Constraints Representation

  • Representation of constraints between block data in parametric diagrams
  • Refinement of constraints in parametric diagrams
  • Free text in constraints expression

Model-Based Design Solution

  • Provides more user-friendly functionality than plain databases
  • Supports all standard drawing features such as alignment, line styles, fonts, etc.
  • Styles management for better visual identification of components in diagrams
  • Includes navigation capabilities within model content and definitions with find and browse

Support of Collaborative Work

  • Capability to import SysML models from IBM Rhapsody and NoMagic MagicDraw and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Extraction of system parts for third parties, ensuring IP protection of the system model and automated re-synchronization of modifications made on either side
  • Management of read-only model libraries and support for library re-organization, allowing multiuser collaboration
  • Read/write access to SCADE Architect models through an OCL, TCL or Java model API
  • Capability to develop specific import/export through the model API
  • Support for requirements traceability: traceability to requirements available with the integrated SCADE LifeCycle ALM Gateway
Data Propagation Image

System & Software Architecture Design Verification

SCADE Architect enables systems design verification with tools for model consistency checking and model diff/merge.

Model Consistency Checking

  • Automatic verification of modeling rules applicable to entire model or model parts
  • Set of predefined rules for common usage patterns to quickly fix violated rules
  • Live Checker mode for on-the-fly rule check
  • Addition of custom rules through the API (in OCL, TCL, Java)
  • Customizable verification configurations to be used for different parts of the model or at different stages of the design
  • Report generation in RTF or HTML with direct hyperlinks on model elements to locate violations

Model Diff/Merge

  • Analysis of differences between system model versions
  • Filters for the display of model differences
  • Merge capabilities to copy changes selectively or in bulk, or to ignore changes selectively
  • User control on matching strategy applicable to Diff analysis
  • Tree view of differences allowing for easy understanding of removals, insertions and changes on SCADE Architect model objects
  • Comprehensive report about merge actions and differences before and after merge sessions
Model Diff/Merge Image 

ICD Generation and Synchronization with Software Design

SCADE Architect enables easy creation of interface control documents and refinement of software components in the SCADE Suite model-based software development environment.

Automated Production of Interface Control Documents (ICDs)

  • Production of tables from propagated data representing interfaces of blocks
  • Custom query columns (OCL, TCL, Java) enabling automated extraction of related information from the model, for example: data producer and consumers, properties from the communication data path, etc.
  • Import/export of table in Microsoft Excel and comma-separated value files
  • Customization of data to represent messages with dedicated communication protocol properties, enabling tables to represent comprehensive ICDs

Synchronization with Software Components

  • Evolution of system design and software components in parallel and resynchronization upon request at chosen project milestones
  • Bidirectional synchronization between system structural models and software behavioral models
  • Flexible synchronization reuse (modular synchronization) through SCADE Architect and SCADE Suite hierarchy of libraries
  • Consistent and efficient management of I/Os and data definitions and changes
  • Eliminated duplication of efforts in synchronizing interfaces defined
Architect Table Image 

Systems Requirements Analysis

SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler features the following capabilities:

Analysis of System Use Cases

  • Representation of system use cases and actors interacting with the system in use case diagram
  • Ability to refine uses cases with sequence, activity or state machine diagrams

Analysis of System Scenario

  • Representation of operational system scenario in sequence diagrams
  • Ability to link and navigate to actions in activity diagrams and states in state machine diagrams

Analysis of System States

  • Representation of system states and transitions at any level of system decomposition in state machine diagrams
  • Refinement of any state with referenced state machine diagrams
  • Free text or signal usage on transitions

Analysis of System Activity

  • Representation of the actions control flow within a subsystem at any level of system decomposition in activity diagrams
  • Refinement of any action with referenced activity or state machine diagrams
Sequence Diagram Image 

System Design Environment Configuration

SCADE Architect Configurator enables methods and tools engineers to configure SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler to specific needs of a group of users. Domain-specific configuration relates to the use of industry standards like IMA, FACE and AUTOSAR, or to company or project standards.

SCADE Architect Configurator features the following capabilities:

  • Definition of domain-specific objects derived from SCADE Architect design elements
  • Definition of domain-specific objects, properties and interobjects constraints in simplified class diagram
  • Customization of domain-specific modeler with dedicated user interface palettes, property pages and menus
  • Customization of objects icon, graphical styles and tables from Configurator preview for immediate reuse in configured SCADE Architect
  • Automatic generation of configuration plug-ins for deployment of domain-specific modelers
  • Capability to apply predefined or custom rules on meta-models with SCADE Architect Checker
Architect Meta Model

Architect Palette Customization 

Solutions for FACE, AADL, Avionics Interfaces

SCADE Avionics package extends SCADE Architect with solutions tailored for the design avionics systems. It includes solutions for the FACE Technical Standard, for AADL, and for Avionics Interfaces.

Solution for FACE

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)TM is a standard that promotes innovation and rapid integration of portable capabilities. It defines a powerful software interface modeling methodology and a runtime software architecture. For designers to efficiently develop FACE UoP Supplied Data Models (USM) for their Units of Portability (UoPs) and produce the code for the corresponding Units of Conformance (UoCs), robust tooling and processes are recommended.

The SCADE Solution for FACE provides a complete set of solutions for efficient implementation of applications in the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) environment:

  • SCADE Architect is tailored with a specific FACE configuration. It enables users to perform FACE data modeling. Roundtrip import/export functionality is provided for any FACE file, including the shared data model. The exported FACE file passes the data model testing with FACE Conformance Test Suite (CTS).
  • SCADE Architect and SCADE Suite designs are synchronized (incremental import and export) ensuring consistent definition of the unit of portability (UoP) in both the “system view” and the “software view.”
  • A FACE transport services adaptor wraps the code generated by SCADE Suite KCG on top of the transport services API. The automatically generated C code, makefiles, and object files, passes portable component segment testing with FACE Conformance Test Suite.
Solution for FACE Image 

Solution for AADL

AADL is a recognized SAE standard within the systems modeling community and is widely used for defense applications. AADL is dedicated to real-time embedded systems, modeling both software and hardware resources and providing detailed specifications for verification of non-functional systems requirements, such as performance, safety, costs, etc.

The SCADE solution for AADL provides a graphical AADL modeler tool compliant with the AADL standard. The SCADE AADL tool imports and exports standard AADL files, including property sets definitions. The easy-to-use, graphical user interface allows for the modeling and understanding of AADL models through straightforward, direct and complete definition of the components as single objects.

The AADL support in the SCADE avionics package offers:

  • Full compatibility with AADL v2.2 standard
    • Allows for legacy models import
    • Allows for export to third-party analyzers
  • Ease of use
    • AADL expressiveness simplified down to concrete components
    • Intuitive graphical interface and diagrams
  • SCADE tools ecosystem
    • Bi-directional synchronization with SCADE Suite for software component development, verification and certification
    • Traceability through SCADE ALM gateway
    • Same IDE as for SysML and FACE modeling (mixed design supported)
AADL Flight Control 

Solution for Avionics Interfaces

The avionics interfaces solution enables one to configure the SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler user interface for a methodology relying on functional, software, and platform independent layers. This configuration enables defining an integrated modular avionics or any other avionics architecture.

The configurations and a comprehensive industrial example are provided as models for reuse and customization to support company-specific methods.

The SCADE solution for avionics interfaces consists of:

  • Configuration models
    • Avionics: configures the SCADE Architect Advanced Modeler for a methodology relying on three independent layers: functional, software and platform
    • A429, A664, CAN: independent configurations, allowing one to implement the links between the avionics system layers according to the ARINC 429, ARINC 664-P7 and CAN standard communication protocols
    • A653: specialization of the avionics configuration to handle dedicated ARINC 653 properties
  • Automatic ARINC 653 table generation and resource usage checks: ARINC 664-P7 communication bandwidth verification
  • Aircraft braking system model: Comprehensive industrial example that provides guidance for the usage and deployment of the defined configurations
Avionics Interfaces