ANSYS EMIT - Technical Features

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) in Complex Environments

ANSYS EMIT is available as part of the ANSYS RF Option. EMIT is the industry leading software for the simulation of radio frequency interference (RFI) in complex environments. EMIT works hand-in- hand with ANSYS HFSS to combine RF system interference analysis with best-in-class electromagnetic simulation for modeling installed antenna-to- antenna coupling. The result is a complete solution to reliably predict the effects of RFI in multi-antenna environments with multiple transmitters and receivers. EMIT’s powerful analysis engine computes all important RF interactions including non-linear system component effects. Diagnosing RFI in complex environments is notoriously difficult and expensive to perform in a testing environment, but with EMIT’s dynamic linked results views, the identification of the root-cause of any interference is rapidly accomplished via graphical signal trace-back and diagnostic summaries that show the exact origin and path that interfering signals take to each receiver. Once the cause of interference is uncovered, EMIT enables rapid evaluation of various RFI mitigation measures in order to arrive at the optimum solution. The new HFSS/EMIT Datalink allows the model for RFI analysis to be created in EMIT directly from the physical 3-D model of the installed antennas in HFSS, providing a seamless end-to- end workflow for a complete RFI solution for RF environments ranging from large platform cosite interference to receiver desense in electronic devices.

Specific enhancements in the EMIT release include:

  • Direct integration with ANSYS HFSS via the new HFSS-to- EMIT Datalink
  • Interference Results Metrics now include receiver sensitivity, desense and availability
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Python Scripting
  • Library Usability Enhancements
  • Amplifier Model Enhancements for High-Order Intercept Points

ANSYS EMIT uses built-in radio and RF component libraries to simulate the interference between wireless systems.

ANSYS EMIT uses built-in radio and RF component libraries to simulate the interference between wireless
systems. EMIT's dynamic results views identify RFI problems and provide automated signal traceback showing
the root-cause of the interference problems