Achieve Silicon-to-System Success at IDEAS Digital Forum

September 23-24, 2020

Ansys is at the forefront of semiconductor enablement in partnership with the world’s leading companies for AI and machine learning, high-performance computing, 5G, hardware security and autonomous vehicles.

Join us for the IDEAS Digital Forum — a place to catch up on the latest advances in semiconductors, meet executives, listen to thought leadership keynotes and learn from expert chip designers at the world’s major semiconductor companies.

IDEAS will give you technical insights into the most advanced IC design projects and show you how they use multiphysics to design, optimize and verify a broad array of project styles — including high-speed custom designs, low-power RTL analysis, 2.5D/3D-IC stacking and giant sub-7nm digital chip

Meet your industry peers and fellow designers at this premier virtual event for networking, sharing and learning the latest semiconductor design information.

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Industry Keynotes and Panel
Tap into cutting-edge insights from industry leaders as they discuss technology and market trends for 5G, autonomous vehicles, AI/ML, high-performance compute and hardware security.

Technology Sessions
Learn about the latest methodologies and best practices for low-power chip design, 3DIC analysis, power integrity signoff, on-chip electromagnetics and more.

Latest Product Updates
Find out the latest product enhancements and explore the advanced technologies that solve your cutting-edge design challenges.

Technology Topics include:

Interaction of Voltage Drop and Timing

Advanced IR-Drop and Electromigration Diagnostic

Power and Signal Integrity Signoff for 2.5D/3D-ICs

Thermal Analysis of 2.5D/3D Packages

RTL Power Analysis and Vector Profiling

Electromagnetic Crosstalk and Modeling for High Speed Signals

Transistor-Level Power and ESD Checking

Ultra-High Capacity Distributed Analysis for Sub-7nm Technologies

Keynote Speakers

Len Orlando

Len Orlando III, Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate, Wright Patterson AFB

Keynote: Securing Systems for Future Defense Applications

Prith Banerjee

Prith Banerjee, CTO, Ansys

Keynote: Using Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Simulation

Vic Kulkarni

Vic Kulkarni, VP and Chief Strategist, Ansys

Opening Keynote: Accelerating Moore and Beyond Moore with Multiphysics

Vicki Mitchell

Victoria (Vicki) Mitchell, VP Engineering, Central Engineering Systems Group, Arm

Keynote: 2.5 and 3D – The Road Ahead

Dhiraj Mallick

Dhiraj Mallick, VP of Engineering and Business Development, Cerebras Systems

Keynote: Accelerating AI Compute with Wafer Scale

Mallik Tatipamula

Mallik Tatipamula, CTO, Ericsson

Keynote: 5G and beyond: Future technology and research challenges and opportunities

Subhasish Mitra

Subhasish Mitra, Professor, Stanford University

Keynote: Abundant-Data Computing: The N3XT 1,000X

Suk Lee

Suk Lee, Senior Director Design Infrastructure Management Division, TSMC

Keynote: TSMC & ANSYS – A Partnership for Your Creativity

Allison MacDonald

Allison MacDonald, Lead Experimental Physicist, D-Wave

Keynote: Building a Superconducting Quantum Annealing Processor

Ideas Workshop Session Speakers

Alphawave Broadcom Google Hewlett Packard Intel Mentor ASB Nvidia Qualcomm Samsung ST Synaptic Synopsys Xilinx