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DATE: 01/31/2017

Ansys Spurs Pervasive Engineering Simulation with Release 18

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 31, 2017 – Engineers, from the novice to the highly experienced, can now use engineering simulation software across the entire product lifecycle with the newly released Ansys® 18. This next generation of Ansys' (NASDAQ: ANSS) industry-leading engineering simulation solutions builds upon decades of cutting-edge technology for the most complete and accurate digital prototypes across all major physics, electronics and embedded software areas. This feature-rich release expands the boundaries of simulation upfront in the development process to digital exploration as well as downstream with digital twins, expanding simulation to the operations and maintenance of products.

Today's industries are undergoing a fundamental transformation in manufacturing and product development. Trends like the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and machine learning are merging the physical and digital worlds, creating an unprecedented pace of product innovation. The opportunity is immense, but also creates incredible levels of complexity across the entire product lifecycle.

"Emerging technologies and changing customer expectations are spurring a major transformation in the way products are manufactured and brought to market. Simulation is playing a critical role giving engineers the necessary tools to innovate and transform products across their entire lifecycle," said Ajei Gopal, president and CEO of Ansys. "With Ansys 18, customers can use simulation upfront in the development process to quickly evaluate changes in design and downstream of the product lifecycle to analyze real-time operational data – providing companies with game-changing data that in turn furthers innovation, operational efficiency, product quality, as well as cut costs and time to market."

Simulation is being adopted across the entire product lifecycle, empowering engineers to imagine more options – a trend Ansys calls pervasive engineering simulation. Ansys simulation's increasing ease of use enables more users to take advantage of simulation early in the design process. Its increased scalability empowers users to quickly evaluate thousands of choices for optimal product design. Ansys 18 also integrates with Internet of Things platforms to simulate digital twins of assets in operation.

"Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and to stay ahead of the curve, simulation will be a critical tool to accomplish more, faster and provide deeper insight into our products. Simulation offers infinite possibilities into understanding our products and we've only just scratched the surface to modeling and simulation, said Bob Tickel, director of structural and dynamic analysis of research and technology, Cummins. "We're doing things today that could only have been imagined just a few years ago and simulation is playing a huge role. Ansys simulation allows us to make better decisions earlier in the design process to get our design right the first time to produce the best products on time at the lowest cost for our customers."

Early design decisions lock in most of a product's costs. Through digital exploration capabilities in Ansys 18, users can test hundreds of "what-if" concepts early in the design phase and quickly assess product performance for strength, power, thermal, pressure, flow rate, electrical or a number of other performance requirements. Through this digital exploration, designers and product engineers can identify optimal combinations while eliminating outlying designs – saving time and money.

"The telecommunications market is growing fast and Ansys multiphysics solutions are an exceptionally productive tool with results I can trust," said Ricardo Damian, engineering director at Jet Towers Telecom. "Ansys simulation tools are helping us to understand every aspect of the product design, like reducing wind drag, testing different materials, geometrical configurations and testing unusual and odd scenarios. But most importantly, we are learning so much more about our product physics. Thanks to Ansys software, we are delivering a superior product to customers five times faster than other manufacturers at a competitive price."

Leading organizations are also expanding their use of simulation into operations by creating digital twins – virtual representations of individual operating assets whose performance and productivity can be improved through simulation technology. Sensors on the machine relay specific operating data — temperature, vibration, impact, loading — to the digital twin. This continuous feedback helps engineers to optimize the operation of a machine or a system and can predict adverse conditions long before they happen – unlocking billions of dollars in production and maintenance optimization. Ansys 18 in combination with partner applications like, GE Predix and PTC ThingWorx, empowers users to create digital twins and apply predictive analytics to optimize their product's performance and operations in the field.

"The Industrial Internet provides the opportunity to gain better insight, better control and better decision making over industrial operations and simulation is playing a significant role in that," said John Magee, chief marketing officer for Predix, GE Digital. "Working with Ansys has provided us with modeling and simulation capabilities that enable us to collect data and arm our customers with better decision making tools. By combining Ansys simulation tools with GE's Predix platform, we are delivering a stronger solution for the industrial world."

For more information about the features and enhancements available in Ansys 18, read the latest Ansys Blog.

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