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Qualified Buyer Only (QBO) Product List

The below products are restricted from purchase by users in certain countries, as outlined within the Ansys Qualified Buyer Only policy.  

Base Product NumberBase Product
LIC0056775Ansys STK RF Channel Modeler
LIC0050281Ansys CFD HSF
LIC0050092Ansys Academic STK Teaching (5 Tasks)
LIC0050101Ansys Academic STK Teaching (25 Tasks)
LIC0050110Ansys Academic STK Research (25 Tasks)
LIC0050119Ansys Academic STK Research (1 Task)
LIC0050128Ansys Academic STK Research (5 Tasks)
LIC0050137Ansys Academic STK Teaching (50 Tasks)
LIC0050146Ansys ODTK SSA
LIC0050173Ansys STK PropNav
LIC0048435Ansys RedHawk-ATPF
LIC0048634Ansys STK Pro
LIC0048643Ansys STK Premium Space
LIC0048652Ansys STK Premium Air
LIC0048661Ansys STK Enterprise
LIC0048670Ansys STK Scheduler
LIC0048688Ansys ODTK
LIC0048697Ansys Moxie
LIC0050020Ansys Startup Program - Digital Missions Bundle
LIC0050038Ansys RaptorQu HPM
LIC0050047Ansys RaptorQu
LIC0050290Ansys DME Component Libraries
LIC0050299Ansys STK Engine Deployment
LIC0050785Ansys DME Component Libraries Development
LIC0055766Ansys Thermal Desktop
LIC0055776Ansys Thermal Desktop Solver
LIC0055786Ansys Thermal Desktop with AutoCAD
LIC0050569CRTech CRTechCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050767CRTech CRTechCAD (Network)
LIC0050308CRTech AutoCAD (Network)
LIC0050317CRTech SINDA/FLUINT (Network)
LIC0050326CRTech FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050335CRTech RadCAD (Network)
LIC0050344CRTech Thermal Desktop (Network)
LIC0050353CRTech TD Direct (Network)
LIC0050362CRTech RadCAD and FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050371CRTech Thermal Desktop, FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050380CRTech Thermal Desktop, RadCAD (Network)
LIC0050389CRTech Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050398CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050407CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, RadCAD (Network)
LIC0050416CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop (Network)
LIC0050425CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, RadCAD, FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050434CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050443CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD (Network)
LIC0050452CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD (Network)
LIC0050470CRTech Intel oneAPI Base and HPC Toolkit - 2 seats (Network)
LIC0050479CRTech Intel oneAPI Base and HPC Toolkit - 5 seats (Network)
LIC0050488CRTech Intel Fortran (Network)
LIC0050497CRTech Intel Fortran - 2 seats (Network)
LIC0050506CRTech Intel Fortran - 5 seats (Network)
LIC0050515CRTech Intel oneAPI Base and HPC Toolkit - 2 seats (Network), post-expiry
LIC0050524CRTech Intel oneAPI Base and HPC Toolkit - 5 seats (Network), post-expiry
LIC0050533CRTech Intel Fortran (Network), post-expiry
LIC0050542CRTech Intel Fortran - 2 seats (Network), post-expiry
LIC0050551CRTech Intel Fortran - 5 seats (Network), post-expiry
LIC0050560CRTech AutoCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050578CRTech SINDA/FLUINT (Nodelocked)
LIC0050587CRTech FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050596CRTech RadCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050605CRTech Thermal Desktop (Nodelocked)
LIC0050614CRTech TD Direct (Nodelocked)
LIC0050623CRTech RadCAD, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050632CRTech Thermal Desktop, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050641CRTech Thermal Desktop, RadCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050650CRTech Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050659CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050668CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, RadCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050677CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop (Nodelocked)
LIC0050686CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, RadCAD, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050695CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050704CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050713CRTech SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD (Nodelocked)
LIC0050731CRTech Intel oneAPI Base and HPC Toolkit (Nodelocked)
LIC0050740CRTech Intel Fortran (Nodelocked)
LIC0050749CRTech Intel oneAPI Base and HPC Toolkit (Nodelocked), post-expiry
LIC0050758CRTech Intel Fortran (Nodelocked), post-expiry