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Ansys OnScale – 10 Free Monthly Core Hours 

With our recent acquisition of OnScale, students now have access to the fastest and most powerful cloud-native engineering simulation platform. Students can benefit from online simulation capabilities with ten free core hours per month, enabling simulation from any location and device. Ansys OnScale provides a great simulation platform for STEM students, undergraduate engineering students, and engineers who are new to simulation to learn introductory structures concepts, like general boundary conditions, stress analysis, thermal analysis, and much more. Additionally, Ansys OnScale offers easy integration into ONSHAPE® and MATLAB®.

Ansys OnScale Structural Simulation
Ansys OnScale Simulation


To use Ansys OnScale, your Windows PC or laptop must meet the following minimum system requirements:

  • Any Intel or AMD x86_64 processor (no 32-bit support)
  • RAM: minimum 4GB; 8GB recommended 
  • HD: minimum 2GB
  • Graphics card: no specific graphics card is required; however, OpenGL 3.0 or above is needed


We have no immediate plans for macOS support. However, if you're a Mac user looking to use OnScale on an Apple device, we recommend using Boot Camp to install Windows. This will allow you to install and use Ansys OnScale.


A Linux version of Ansys OnScale is available, although this is not as well supported as our Windows version. 

For information on using Ansys OnScale with remote desktops or virtual machines please see here.

Once you sign up for Ansys OnScale, students can access ten free core hours per month. You can purchase additional core hours if needed. There’s no limit on features.


Ansys OnScale offers easy integration to OnShape®, see here for more information.

OnScale Toolbox for MATLAB®

This toolbox gives users the flexibility and customization needed to enhance their full simulation workflows. See here for details.

Ansys OnScale is a cloud engineering simulation platform. It will augment Ansys’ cloud portfolio by providing a cloud-native, web-based user interface and framework.


  • Mechanical: General boundary conditions and loads
  • Mechanical: Displacement boundary condition
  • Thermal: Heat transfer coefficient
  • Thermal: Heat flux boundary condition
  • Thermal: Thermal power volumetric condition
  • Thermal: Temperature condition


  • CAD and mesh automation
  • CAD geometry checking & repair
  • CAD 3D model set-up rendering
  • High aspect ratio elements
  • Automatic meshing
  • Default material library

Geometry Import:

  • .step, .stp, .iges, .igs, .x_t, .x_b, .sldprt, .sat, .sab, .prim3d

Getting Started with Ansys OnScale Resources

Start Simulating with Ansys OnScale

This short tutorial will introduce you to Ansys OnScale by giving you a brief guided tour from first login to simulation. As a student you get access to 10 core hours for free every month allowing you to start your simulation journey with an easy-to-use product accessible from anywhere on any device.


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