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Ansys at NAFEMS 2021 

Ansys is a Platinum Sponsor of the NAFEMS World Congress 2021

October 25-29 Virtually

Simulation has long been part of the product verification and testing process. However, as products grow more complex, companies can realize even more benefits if engineering simulation is applied from the beginning of the design process to the end — from ideation to operation.  Join Ansys at NAFEMS to learn more about how our flagship solvers, SPDM solutions and multiphysics simulation capabilities can help your organization accelerate the product development process while enabling your digital transformation journey.

Sponsor Keynotes

Embrace Complexity or Extinction: Digital Transformation in the Space Sector

Current trends in autonomy, connectivity and electrification are impacting many industries on a global scale. The resulting business challenges and opportunities are magnified by the ever-accelerating rate of technology innovation and pressures to deliver product innovations more rapidly. These factors result in ever-increasing levels of complexity for product specifications, including their design through manufacturing and their operating requirements. Victory will go to the enterprises that not only conquer but embrace these challenges. This presentation will take a brief look at some approaches being implemented by the Space sector to address complexity. It will show how simulation is enabling the transformation of enterprises in the areas of (1) Model-based engineering; (2) Multidisciplinary integration and automation; and (3) Employment of digital twins.


Enabling Application and Method Development

Engineers and analysts are increasingly in need of flexible ways to leverage engineering simulation technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, to create applications for design engineers, and to simplify the setup and solving of repeated workflows. Come to this session to see how engineering software vendors are working on tools that allow engineers and method developers to accomplish these tasks.  


SPDM and MBSE Enable Digital Thread Throughout the Product Lifecycle 

Products and systems are becoming increasingly complex, interconnected, and interdependent. To meet these challenges, there is a strong industry focus on implementing a model-based systems engineering approach in combination with multiphysics and SPDM techniques to create a digital thread that can be shared, continuously improved and managed throughout the product lifecycle. Join us to learn how to speed time to market, reduce risk, manage complexity, enhance collaboration and ensure safety with an open, integrated solution that will propel you on your journey toward full digitalization.