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Material Intelligence for Sustainable Automotive Design Part 2:

Using Material Intelligence To Optimize Automotive Systems     

The transportation industry is shifting to new powertrains and as a result it is critical that engineers working on these new platforms consider the role of new material innovations and selections in terms of performance and sustainability.  By understanding the requirements and accurately assessing and utilizing the appropriate material properties, improved performance and sustainability can coexist. Engineers can confidently and quickly make these accurate material selections by leveraging comprehensive in-house material databases and a superior materials data library.



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About this Webinar:

In this webinar, we will focus on dissecting the conventional BEV (battery electric vehicle) powertrain into its components. By doing so, we will explore how the right material properties coupled with selection and management tools can impact the performance of these components at an individual and holistic level. What people will learn:

  • Challenges associated with materials used for electric powertrains
  • Selecting and managing materials data for power electronics, electric motor, electric connectors, battery cell and housing
  • How this knowledge can facilitate a Multiphysics approach to simulating the powertrain of the future.


Scott Wilkins, Raviraj Bohsale, Roger Barnett