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Ansys at Future of the Car 2023

Take a Leap of Certainty

Leading automotive companies choose Ansys to drive down development time by 14%, improve quality and cost targets by >10% and improve total cost per unit by 12%. Ansys helps organizations gain real business value from implementation.

May 9-11, 2023

Online and in-person at the Convene, London, UK

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Accelerating Innovation in Electric Mobility Solutions

Between 2021 and 2023, electric vehicles represent a $7 trillion market opportunity. By 2050, estimates jump to a staggering $46 trillion. As demand continues to grow, EV designers must address an increasingly complex matrix of engineering goals on tightening timelines. Put simply, simulation is essential for innovating electric machines. As the global leader in engineering simulation, Ansys offers software solutions that are instrumental to overcoming the challenges facing the automotive industry.

With Ansys, engineers can undertake advanced engineering challenges of electric machine development with purpose-built electric machine design software coupled with class-leading system validation workflows and robust simulation and analysis.

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Ansys Presentation at Future of The Car 2023

STREAM 1 | Panel: Restructuring the OEM: Synching software development with rigid car production timelines

Carmakers work to strict, often week-by-week, timeframes to produce a new car. Synchronising this aspect of the business with software development, which requires a more agile approach, is tricky. What organisational, cultural and product development process changes will help OEMs better align hardware development and manufacture with connected services integration, both in-house and in their partnerships?


Judy Curran

Chief Technologist, Automotive

Ansys executive team onsite at Future of the Car

Judy Curran

Chief Technologist, Automotive

Richard Tinsdeall

Area Vice President