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European Microwave Week

Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy
27th -29th September, 2022

Ansys will be participating in European Microwave Week in Milan from 27th to 29th September 2022 with a booth (F22) and a Workshop Room (2nd Floor, Room Amber 7).

European Microwave Week is the largest tradeshow dedicated to microwaves and RF in Europe with multiple conferences, an exhibition and associated workshops.





Tuesday 27th September

Wednesday 28th September

Thursday 29th September


The Right Time to Simulate is NOW!  A journey in the new simulation technologies for RF Applications

(Domenico Loricchio, Senior Application Engineer)

Survivability of RF Devices to Space Weather: Radiation hardening and charging effects (EMA3D Charge)

(Giancarlo Guida, Lead Application Engineer)

Signal & Power Integrity and EMC analysis of Telecommunication PCBs

(Marco Occhiali,
Application Engineer)


Application of Machine Learning to EMI problems in Aerospace and Defence Industry (EMA3D Cable & Optislang)

(Giancarlo Guida, Lead Application Engineer)

Signal & Power Integrity and EMC analysis of Telecommunication PCBs

(Flavio Calvano, EMI/EMC Manager Application Engineering)

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects in Aerospace and Defence Industry (EMA3D Cable)

(Giancarlo Guida, Lead Application Engineer)



Fully coupled Chip-Package co-extraction 

(Marco Occhiali, Application Engineer)

From Component to Mission: Simulation as must-have for aerospace & defence industry (HFSS & STK) 

(Domenico Loricchio, Senior Application Engineer)

Back to School: Take your Ansys usage to the next level with Ansys Electronics Desktop Student

(Domenico Loricchio, Senior Application Engineer)


Multiphysic Simulation Approach for 5G Filter Design

(Alberto Di Maria, Senior Application Engineer)

Leverage the Power of Automation with PyAEDT!
A free fall in the new python library for Ansys Electronics Desktop 

(Alberto Di Maria, Senior Application Engineer)

Human Exposure to 5G Radiation: Challenges and opportunities from numerical simulations

(Domenico Loricchio, Senior Application Engineer)


September 27, 2022

September 28, 2022

September 29, 2022