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Digital Transformation Webinar Series

Leverage MBSE and MDAO for Digital Engineering Transformation

In this series, we will delve into the tools and methodologies transforming how we design, analyze, and optimize complex systems and think about systems engineering beyond analysis and simulation.

Customers leverage Ansys’ model-based systems engineering to realize the benefits of an integrated engineering ecosystem.

Through discussions and practical demonstrations, attendees will gain valuable insights into the synergies between digital engineering technologies and their applications in real-world scenarios. Sessions in this series will cover a wide range of topics, from stakeholder needs and systems architecture to downstream analysis, such as multidisciplinary analysis and optimization, MOSA, FACE, and more.           

Upcoming Webinars

July 10, 2024 11 AM EDT
A Model-Based Approach to Failure Analysis using ModelCenter

Join us to explore how a coupled MBSE-simulation approach enhances traditional failure mode analysis with quantitative, model-based methods. This approach addresses the complexity and interdependency of modern systems to improve robustness and reliability.

July 16, 2024 11 AM EDT
High-Level Overview of Multidisciplinary Design Analysis & Optimization

With that perspective in mind, we’ll present a high-level overview of MDAO, describing “What is MDAO?”, building up from the basics of tool inputs/outputs integration, and concluding with an application example and summary.

August 06, 2024 11 AM EDT
MDAO Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Focus on best practices and lessons learned from the development of MDAO models and their application to Boeing programs.

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