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ASME Turbo Expo

June 24-28, 2024
Booth #305

Join us at ASME Turbo Expo to discover how we can help you take your sustainability efforts from idea to reality through simulation.

Accelerating a Sustainable Future with Simulation

To reach the sustainability goal set for 2050, the gas turbine industry is undergoing a transformative shift to push their technology to a whole new level of performance, efficiency, and safety. With this push comes all new challenges, including alternative fuels, new materials, complete redesigns, and much more. To efficiently evaluate these new challenges and take them from idea to reality, simulation is a must. Ansys offers an end-to-end multiphysics gas turbine solution, enabling the industry to accelerate their sustainability push.

  • Increase performance and efficiency
  • Improve durability and safety
  • Meet environmental regulations
  • Reduce cost and time-to-market

Efficient Gas Turbine Design

Ansys Gas Turbine

15% Reduction In Fuel Burn

Leverage simulations to tune the overall performance of your gas turbine by reducing specific fuel consumption.

30% Cost Reduction

Explore how efficient simulation solutions help to cut development costs and reliance on physical testing.

33% Design Cycle Time Reduction

Discover how simulation helps to streamline the design process and reduce cycle time and minimize overdesign.

9x-16x return on investment

Investing in simulation provides a competitive edge.

Customer Success Stories

Ansys + Pratt and Whitney
Ansys + Pratt and Whitney

"Ansys’ simulation software allows us to identify the technical challenges associated with an advanced concept in a quantified manner. This informs the future technology development strategy that will allow us to tackle those challenges and field a hydrogen propulsion concept and engine in the future.” 
Senior Fellow, Sustainable Propulsion at Pratt & Whitney

Ansys + Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce rapidly powers sustainable aviation with Ansys and Intel technologies. The collaboration enables Rolls-Royce to inform engine design with critical engineering insights that maximize efficiency and create high-fidelity virtual prototypes up to 100X faster than previous workflows —  drastically reducing time, materials, and energy.

Ansys + Safran Aircraft Engines

“By leveraging Ansys’ tools, Safran Aircraft Engines will benefit from improved usability, a streamlined workflow, and a set of technologies that enables scalability and optimizes our research and development process through virtual prototyping.” "[Ansys] will enable us to support our engineers to develop sustainable technologies for our future aircraft engine programs.”
VP Engineering, Research & Technology, Safran Aircraft Engines

Ansys Technical Papers

GT2024-127785 Workflow for Fast and Efficient Forced Response Analysis of Turbomachinery

GT2024-129227 Wall-modeled Large Eddy Simulation and Conjugate Heat Transfer for Combustor Aerothermal Applications

GT2024-127818 Generic Framework for an Accurate, and Efficient Flutter Analysis

GT2024-128443 Framework for Machine Learning-Based Turbulence Modeling to Accurately Predict the Complex Flows in Gas Turbines

GT2024-129361 Native Multi-GpuSolver for Complex Turbulent Flow Field Requiring Full Wheel Analysis in Turbomachinery

GT2024-125957 Large Eddy Simulation of Ammonia-Hydrogen Non-Premixed Flames Stabilized on a Bluff Burner

GT2024-129230 Numerical Investigation of Lean Hydrogen-Air Flame Stabilization Regimes Using Large-Eddy Simulations

GT2024-129248 Large-Eddy Simulation of a Non-Premixed Ammonia-Hydrogen Flame: NoxEmission and Flame Characteristics Validation

GT2024-121385 Multi-Stage Cyclic Symmetry Analysis of an Industrial High Pressure Turbine Assembly - Comparing Structural, Modal, and Solve Statistics

GT2024-126729 Modeling Combustor Turbine Interaction Using Efficient Joint Simulation Strategy

GT2024-124337 Adjoint-Based Optimization for The Venturi Mixer of a Burner

GT2024-123956 Efficient Modelling of Blade Cooling using a Hybrid 1D-3D Approach


Ansys Presentations

Wednesday, June 26 | 3:15PM - 3:45PM | Exhibit Hall
Harnessing Power of GPUs for Turbomachinery Simulations

Thursday, June 27 | 12:15PM - 12:45PM | Exhibit Hall
Ansys SimAI – Generative AI for Simulations

Ansys Customer Networking Event

Our renowned networking event is back! On Wednesday, June 26, we'll be hosting an exclusive evening for our customers - theme to be revealed on the night - but think, drinks, food and non-stop entertainment - get ready to roll the dice! 

Tickets are limited. Claim yours ahead of the conference - request an invitation and secure your attendance today.

Ansys Ticket

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