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Additively Manufactured Biomedical Implants

Learn how the Ansys Additive portfolio helps in the development of medical additively manufactured (AM) implants.

October 19, 2021
11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST


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About this Webinar

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a novel technology that pushes medical applications by allowing design complexity and weight reduction. In 2019, the medical and dental industries showed the most significant AM adoption. In orthopedic and dental implants, AM has been proven as a trustful technology since implants can be easily customized and manufactured quickly. Despite the level of innovation, AM of medical implants is complex. For example, prints must closely match human anatomy, requiring accurate and flawless printed parts.

Ansys Additive solution is a comprehensive and scalable software solution that minimizes the risk of defects and ensures a high-quality part. This comprehensive solution spans from design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) through validation, print design, process simulation, and materials exploration. Without simulation, it would be necessary to print each implant and conduct physical tests on them. This presentation focuses on the use of the Ansys Additive portfolio in the development of medical AM implants.

Speakers: Vishal Sharma, Senior Application Engineer & Enrique Escobar, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys


What Attendees Will learn :

  • What additive manufacturing is, the benefits and challenges associated with AM
  • Learn about the Ansys Additive solutions
  • How to do lattice-based optimization of biomedical implants
  • Learn about AM process simulation