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A Model-Based & Simulation-Driven Development Approach for Urban Air Mobility

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Urban Air Mobility involves a completely new type of aircraft — Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) systems — with electric propulsion, integrated engine and flight controls, a new operational concept and less pilot involvement. To face these challenges, there is a strong need for efficient development processes and tools to meet safety and airworthiness objectives.

Ansys offers a model-based approach for driving the analysis, development and certification of mission and flight systems as well as software. These models can be validated against mission requirements through a Digital Mission Engineering approach with high-fidelity simulation.

A comprehensive digital demonstrator will showcase the streamlined development process of two VTOL  aircraft, including critical mission and flight software: one manned VTOL leader, followed by another unmanned VTOL. Safety analyses are conducted in an integrated way on the whole VTOL system to refine safety requirements and achieve a robust, fail-  operational system and software architecture. The focus will be on a specific scenario involving a system failure which could result in catastrophe. The correct system reconfiguration is validated with a mission scenario simulation, integrating the real flight software.

On Demand Webinars

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From the Concept of Operations (ConOps) to Mission Validation
From the Concept of Operations (ConOps) to Mission Validation

Learn how to strongly support activities from system development to system operation. By simulating an unlimited number of complex scenarios within a concept of operations, you can analyze the system behavior at a mission level, while refining and validating system, software and safety requirements early in the VTOL development process.

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