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Accelerate your SAR regulation compliance

Fast-track SAR simulations & Federal Communications Commission certification​ without being a simulation expert.

Ansys RF Advisor On Demand provides you with the power of Ansys physics-based simulation in an easy and intuitive interface. Submit your CAD to RF Advisor site, and we’ll let you know if your wireless charging device complies with SAR regulations. Use the report that RF Advisor generates to fast-track FCC Certification.


Features and Benefits

Automated process: CAD to simulation results ​

  • Streamline global regulatory decision-making processes​


Comprehensive and quick reporting

  • Fast-track SAR simulations & FCC certification​


Simulation expertise not needed

  • Design engineers gain insights with the most advanced simulation software on the planet ​

Co-architected solution ​

  • Developers get their products to market faster, without putting IP at risk​
  • Developers obtain simulation results using Apple’s actual proprietary models ​
  • The solution leverages Ansys’ encryption technology to protect Apple IP​

Extendable framework ​

  • Developers can incorporate Ansys RF Advisor into future MFi product testing cycles ​


Mitigate risk 

  • Ensure that you will pass the test and reduce the probability of failing the test. Success on the first attempt shortens your time to market.  ​​