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General Fusion Makes Emission-Free Energy a Reality

Powering The Future

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The Holy Grail of Energy

Fusion, which occurs when two nuclei combine to form a new nucleus, produces a colossal amount of energy. We know it’s possible because the proof is in the Sun. But what we don’t know is if it can be reproduced here on Earth. Simulation is helping power company General Fusion bring the commercialization of fusion energy closer than we’ve ever thought possible. Hear General Fusion explain how fusion works and what they’re doing to make it possible.

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“There is no doubt that simulation has a very big role behind the progress in fusion energy. What would have taken about two or three months to run a decade ago on a computer cluster now only takes a matter of days, which really allows us to iterate and design at a much faster pace.” 

Jean-Sébastien Dick,
CFD Scientist at General Fusion

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Designing Nuclear Fusion Reactors with Simulation

Fusion reproduces how the sun creates energy. Namely, it’s fueled by hydrogen isotopes that are superheated into plasma at 100 million degrees Celsius (180 million degrees Fahrenheit). Read more in our blog.