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Ansys + Air Race E

Air Race E is revolutionizing motorsport and promoting sustainable aviation with the first-ever manned electric air race.

As Air Race E's official simulation software partner, Ansys is making simulation software, training and consultation available to the competing teams.

Air Race E

Air Race E is a revolutionary form of air racing, with all-electric planes competing for the first time. The future of aviation is in green energy and Air Race E is setting the mark for developments in electric aviation. Eight planes will race wingtip-to-wingtip about 30 feet off the ground in an exhilarating flight around an oval circuit. The planes will reach speeds of 400 km/h (250 mph) around a tight circuit just 1.5 km end-to-end. The first flight is scheduled for fall 2021, with the formal race series proceeding in 2023.


Blogs: Charting the Team's Journey

May 7, 2021

Overcoming a Critical Design Challenge

See how Air Race E Team Pie Aeronefs SA of Switzerland used simulation to identify an unexpected and critical second-order failure mode in their aircraft's aileron assembly

March 29, 2021

From an Idea to an Airplane

Learn how the Pie Aeronefs SA team of Switzerland is using simulation to go from an idea to an airplane in 18 months to compete in the World Championship of Electric Air Racing (Air Race E) that is due to formally start in 2023. 

Sept 14, 2020

Ready for Take Off

Teams competing in the Air Race E all-electric airplane race use simulation to solve engineering challenges. 

Article: Electrifying the Future of Air Racing With Simulation

Ansys is helping to advance the state of the art of aircraft electrification by offering a comprehensive suite of multiphysics simulation tools to address some of the toughest engineering challenges the teams will face — including battery and battery management systems, power electronics, the electric motor, and the overall integration of the electrified powertrain system into the airframe. For some teams, this involves designing the entire aircraft from scratch; for others, it means integrating these electric systems into an existing airframe. Learn more in this Ansys Advantage article. 


Press Release: Ansys and Air Race E Pioneer Next-Generation Electric Aircraft

Ansys' cutting-edge technologies increase energy efficiency, pave a path for more sustainable aviation. 


The Race Is On – Are You In?

Winning the race means reducing cost, overcoming range and payload anxiety, delivering performance, and addressing safety and cybersecurity concerns. Simulation is the key to solving the most critical engineering challenges of battery and battery management systems, power electronics, electric machines and powertrain system integration. Quantified results include:


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