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October 15, 2021

Unlock Material Intelligence at Ansys’ New Virtual Event

As most simulation analysts will attest, inaccurate materials lead to inaccurate simulations. Material intelligence is the answer.

The concept of material intelligence is multi-faceted; it’s about capturing and linking materials information from different data sources to provide a valid context for where this material is used and where to use it in the future. Ultimately, this leads to an authoritative source of truth for materials, enabling engineers to know they’re using the right data for their design or simulation. This results in faster time-to-market, reduced costs, lower business risk and product innovation that can drive market share and customer satisfaction.

Material intelligence at Ansys is embodied by our range of Granta products, which were founded on three pillars: industry, research, and education.

One Day. Nine Tracks. Unlimited Possibilities.

On Nov. 3, 2021 we will launch a virtual event dedicated to the foundational pillars that have made Granta an asset to so many engineers. We will kickoff with a live panel to discuss the intersection of materials in industry, research and education, and what the engineering toolbox of the future may look like.


Following this, we have asked 40+ guest speakers from across education, industry, and research to give their vision for the future and practices on using Granta tools – breaking each track down into specific interest areas.

Our guest speakers span topics from multi-scale modelling, Integrated Computational Material Engineering (ICME), additive manufacturing, machine learning, digital transformation, and regulatory and sustainability challenges. While looking at applications from multiple sectors, including aerospace and defence, automotive, healthcare, energy, and consumer goods, among others.

Finally, we dive deeper into the “Granta Showroom,” giving you the opportunity to ask the development teams for tips and tricks, connecting materials to other engineering tools, the latest materials data, or just how to get started. We also have presentations outlining how Granta tools fit into wider end-to-end Ansys applications, from being a component in our Ansys Simulation Platform and the Ansys Additive Suite to how Ansys Granta MI and Ansys optiSLang have been used to enable ICME workflows. View the full agenda here.

Hear from Thought-Leaders Across Academia

Materials are everywhere. So, regardless of the industry, the next generation of engineers, scientists, and thought leaders need to be armed with material intelligence.

Professor Mike Ashby introduces the education track with “Materials and Sustainable Development – Keeping the Vision Wide and Debate Sane,” reminding those at any stage of their engineering careers the critical role that materials will play in the next generation of challenges we face.


Our first track looks at Infusing the Curriculum with Sustainability. Our guest academics range from urban sustainability programs, to using sustainability as a core factor in undergraduate project work or using Granta EduPack to implement active learning online. We will also hear from the Agoria Solar team on ‘finding the limits of technology.’

The Innovation in Materials Engineering Track looks at ideas from gamification to designing with shape memory materials, using activities to provide student integration during remote learning or re-designing a materials science and engineering masters program.

The final education track focuses on Digital Multidisciplinary Teaching. Speakers outline a range of solutions from the fundamentals of teaching computation tools to the role of simulation or taking a design-led approach to learning materials science.

Find Out What’s Trending in Materials Research

The Ansys materials team participate in collaborative research and development (R&D) projects with leading engineering companies and academia, sharing our material intelligence tools and best practices. We support customers from many sectors through industry consortia, creating the software tools they need to bring materials information value to their companies.


Presentations in the research track will focus on hot topics across the materials data spectrum with the keynote speech from Dr. David Furrer, senior fellow at Pratt & Whitney, outlining the emerging tools and methods for materials development, definition, and application.

In the Materials 4.0 track, our guest speakers will focus on topics like ICME and future methods of materials modelling, including the molecular design of material properties and emerging technologies like machine learning for data-driven design of additive materials and processes.

Additive Manufacturing is being tackled in its own track with data collection, process control and optimization, and the development of ecosystems for qualification of AM processes and materials in aviation.

Finally, our speakers in the Materials for Electronics Applications track will explore tools for battery pack design and battery sustainability with insights into cell manufacturing and how it can be further optimized. Nano-manufactured organic and printed electronics for flexible components and the challenges, solutions, and future for electrical joining technologies and its impact on electro-mobility will wrap up this track.   

The Business Case for Material Intelligence

Our Industry track was developed to showcase how existing customers are leveraging Ansys Granta tools, proving some excellent best-practices across different industries. 


Amandeep Mhay explains Rolls-Royce’s journey into replacing legacy systems, building Granta MI, and then scaling it across the enterprise while delivering on all important cost-benefit metrics.

Guest speakers from Garrett Motion, Richemont, Lamborghini, and Sartorius group will outline their respective implementations of Granta MI across the automotive, pharmaceutical, and luxury consumer product sectors in our Materials Digitalization track. From managing composites, selecting materials in highly regulated industry, or scaling across multiple enterprise engineering tools, each guest speaker has their own story.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) track will focus on sustainability and compliance. We will explore what access to 80m+ Supplier Data Sheets (SDSs) to users of Granta MI means with Chemwatch. Our aerospace guest speakers will focus on ecodesign tools and applications during new product development and a vision for designing for sustainable zero-carbon aviation.

The final track is Solving Materials Challenges. These challenges range from materials selection for critical parts for the team looking to build the world’s fastest all-electric plane to super-lightweight components to maximize payload capacity for space delivery vehicles. Some of these challenges are more strategic. Rio Tinto is setting up new standards in responsible production, traceability, and quality for the aluminium industry. Their team shares how material data management and its workflow will help shape their roadmap to 2040. Or simply, the challenge of helping more people switch to recycled polymers, while retaining the right material properties.

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