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Top 4 Applications in Ansys Discovery

The new Ansys Discovery expands on Ansys Discovery Live to deliver a multiphysics solution that merges real-time simulation, high-fidelity Ansys solver technology and direct modeling in a single tool with a new, easy-to-use interface. With Discovery you can perform fast, real-time iterative design explorations across larger design spaces and rapidly answer key design questions early in your design process.

Top 4 applications in Ansys Discovery webinar

Discovery can help you address structural simulation challenges, optimize fluid flow, overcome thermal management issues, perform topology optimization and much more. Register for our new webinar series to learn more about how you can leverage Discovery for a variety of applications ... all in 17 minutes.

Until then, get a sneak peek by learning about the top four Discovery applications below.

Address Structural Challenges

Complex interactions between components in structural assemblies make it challenging to identify and correct design challenges. In Discovery, you can perform fast and highly accurate calculations of resonant frequency, displacement and stresses to understand and improve design robustness.

For example, TECHFIT Digital Surgery uses Discovery during the concept and design phases of their product development process to understand the impact of design decisions earlier. Their process starts with a CT scan which is converted into a 3D model that can be used for engineering. Discovery allows TECHFIT to quickly model ideas, explore different design scenarios, and create a set of implants and instruments that are matched to each patient.

Structural simulation applications in Ansys Discovery

Visualize and Optimize Fluid Flows

With Ansys Discovery, you can also balance fluid flow through manifolds or optimize flow paths to reduce pressure losses. You can also run automated parameter sweeps to calculate flow rates and other critical quantities across valve operating positions.

Discovery provides valuable feedback and near-instant solving and visualization capabilities. The Ansys Fluent solver can be used within the Discovery environment without changing your model, or your workflow.

Fluid applications in Ansys Discovery

Perform Thermal Simulations

Use Discovery to explore thermal management issues by removing heat efficiently, learning how materials impact your thermal management and understanding the power of simulation-led design.

Discovery provides real-time data on temperature distribution as you make changes to your 3D model or change input characteristics like heat flow and material type.

Thermal simulation applications in Ansys Discovery

Receive Guidance on Lightweighting and Design

Generative design and topology optimization are areas of tremendous growth in product engineering, but differentiating between the two areas can create confusion. Discovery combines the two concepts and removes traditional design process complications, enabling you to explore and iterate multiple CAD-ready solutions.

Discovery provides an end-to-end workflow including validation of generated shapes and automated CAD reconstruction.

Design optimization applications in Ansys Discovery

For more Discovery applications, watch our webinar series “7 tips in 17 Minutes.”