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April 2, 2024

Simulation World 2024: Get Inspired to Do Big Things

During day one of this free, virtual event, you'll hear from Ansys thought leaders and customers on how simulation inspires innovation. 

We talk a lot about it. Our customers demonstrate amazing success in realizing it. But what is innovation, exactly? Innovation is the process of developing or improving ideas, products, processes, or services to solve problems or create value. Somewhere along the way, big things happen — like the discovery of new medical treatments, or the creation of renewable fuels, or the expansion of space missions.

Of course, every innovation starts with a seed of an idea. To grow that idea often requires putting your most basic assumptions to the test to see what sticks. And this is where simulation comes in. Simulation opens up a world of possibilities, whether you're in class, on the job, or presenting to the board. It enables the testing, realization, and expression of your biggest ideas — propelled by the predictive power of simulation. 

From May 14-16 you’ll have the opportunity to attend Simulation World 2024, a free, virtual event demonstrating how Ansys technologies can put the power of innovation in your hands. This event takes place over three days organized into 14 distinct tracks that speak to the transformative power of simulation to inspire, equip, and empower you on the way to technological innovation and exploration.


Simulation World 2024 includes five inspirational industry tracks.

Don't Follow Your Dreams. Chase Them With Simulation.

The essence of innovation is said to be the force that turns dreams into achievements. That force doesn't simply lead you. It deeply inspires you to chase your dreams all the way to the finish line. So, when it comes to innovation, where do you find your inspiration?  

For many, the answer is simulation. On May 14, Simulation World 2024 begins with a celebration of engineering achievements that illuminate what's possible, spark confidence in your own ideas, and help bring these dreams to life.

Once you register, you can sign up for multiple 20-minute sessions organized into five industry-themed tracks:

  1. Automotive and Transportation
  2. Aerospace and Defense
  3. Energy and Industrials
  4. Healthcare
  5. High Tech

Each session illuminates the power of simulation to inspire you, from the perspective of Ansys thought leaders and customers.

The Simulation World agenda is now live. Here are just a few examples of the presentations you can attend on May 14:

  • During Developing High Efficiency EV Powertrains, James Goss, principal product manager at Ansys, drills down into Ansys Concept EV, a new cloud-based design and simulation platform supporting EV powertrains. Learn how the software's innovative simulation techniques can speed electric powertrain system and component evaluation and optimization.
  • In Developing Better Space Payloads for Hyperspectral Missions, David Miller, mechanical design lead for Wyvern, a Canadian space data company, shares how simulation supports the delivery of low-cost, high-quality hyperspectral imagery of Earth's surface that deepens our understanding of climate challenges and facilitates positive change.
  • Digital Engineering for Wastewater Sustainability: CFD for Water and Wastewater Engineering highlights the work of Dr. Rodrigo de Oliveira Marques, senior process engineer at Worley. See how Marques' uses Ansys computational fluid dynamics for treatment process modelling and design of water and wastewater plants that leads to more sustainable water treatment.
  • During Cell Therapy Can Cure Cancer. Bring It To Life, Gerald Kreindl, chief technology officer at Sacura, shares how simulation is central to the successful development of a platform that will enable cell therapy companies to quickly scale up manufacturing capacity, and speed delivery of lifesaving treatments supporting the fight against cancer.
  • High-Performance Design with Rapid RTL Profiling of Critical Power Scenarios offers the perspective of Alexander Pivovarov, a senior member of Ansys technical staff and semiconductor industry expert. Here, you'll discover how simulation can be used to identify and mitigate high current events early in the design phase to realize better power and performance in modern electronics.

Registration is Open for Simulation World 2024

Sign up for Simulation World 2024 to connect with members of the global product development community as they come together to inspire you — and each other — with tales of agility, innovation, determination, and discovery on the way to solving them.

Once you're registered, you can view and rearrange your schedule before or during live sessions — all from the comfort of your personal workspace. Curate your own agenda based on track or topic, then view, download, and share sessions with others, or export them to your calendar.

Every day, Ansys technologies are powering innovations that drive advancement. Simulation World 2024 is a chance for you see how they can help you do the same — whether you've got a seed of an idea you'd like to grow or are well on your way to innovating something new. And participation is free.

Of course, there's more. Day two will focus on empowering you with knowledge and day three will focus on equipping you with the best solutions. Be sure to sign up for Simulation World 2024 and inspire your colleagues to do the same.

Event Details:

Event Date: May 14-16

Reach: Kicking off in the Americas; India; and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and continuing later this year with Asia-Pacific Simulation World events, representing all industries

Who will be there: CXOs, heads of engineering or operations, leaders in product design and development, product managers, and sustainability leaders, as well as heads of R&D, startup leaders, technology evangelists, industry analysts, journalists, and academia.

Register for Simulation World 2024!

We hope to see you there!

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