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April 17, 2024

Simulation World 2024: Get Empowered to Design, Build, and Work in New Ways

On day two of this free, virtual event, our thought leaders and industry experts will share how simulation can help you act on your inspirations.

You have a seed of an idea, and the inspiration to grow it. Of course, identifying and obtaining the tools and processes you need to move forward is crucial to your ultimate success. Fortunately digital enablers are everywhere — like AI-enhanced simulation, model-based systems engineering (MBSE), and cloud computing — to help you accelerate creation and optimize decision making around your biggest ideas. 

While it's great to have options, with so many choices, how do you successfully lock in on what's best for your engineering objectives?  On May 15 (day two of Simulation World 2024), you'll have the opportunity to hear from Ansys thought leaders and industry experts explain how Ansys technologies like Ansys Twin Builder, Ansys Cloud, and Ansys SimAI can help you act on your inspiration to design, build, and work in new ways that make your breakthrough ideas reality.  

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Be Motivated to Get Going. And Disciplined to Keep Growing.

You don't want to miss Simulation World 2024, a simulation-focused event happening over three days (May 14-16) across 14 distinct event tracks. It's a chance to learn about the transformative power of simulation to inspire, empower, and equip you on the way to technological innovation and exploration. Once you register, you can view the full agenda, then select and sign up for multiple 20-minute sessions.

Each day of the event offers new insights. Building on the inspirational customer stories shared during day one, the second day of Simulation World 2024 explores the application of simulation across four unique tracks aligned by discipline: Numerics, Cloud and High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Digital Engineering. It's your chance to tap into the expertise and experience of Ansys enigneers, thought leaders, and partners as they share how Ansys tools and solvers are driving transformation change in these areas.

You'll also have the opportunity to learn more about our exciting new suite of AI-based products: Ansys SimAI, Ansys AI+, and Ansys ChaptGPT. These physics-agnostic, software as a service (SaaS) applications combine the predictive accuracy of Ansys simulation with the speed of generative AI to accelerate product development. As with our other tools and solvers, these new additions to the Ansys portfolio will also enhance customer experience, hasten the democratization of simulation, and advance next-generation innovation and insights.

What's on Your Agenda?

The Simulation World agenda is now live. If you haven't already, now is a great time to sign up for the event and build your schedule. Here are just a few examples of the presentations you can attend during session two, happening on May 15:

Ansys AI, Advancing Design by Leveraging the Power of AI, with insights from Marc Born, senior director, product management at Ansys, takes a deep dive into our exciting new AI offerings to address different application cases and engineering questions, as well as enhance the capabilities of our existing products.

em modeling
em modeling

During Foundational Inventions Powering Today's Engineering Simulation, Dr. Larry Williams, distinguished engineer at Ansys will discuss the inventions behind Ansys’ powerful suite of tools for engineering simulation — as well as advancements in various numerical methods. 

Powering Innovation with “Bring your Own Cloud” Marketplace Offerings is your chance to gain insights from Dr. John Baker, EMEA cloud business development manager at Ansys on the benefits of transitioning to a hybrid cloud approach in collaborate with AWS or Microsoft Azure to efficiently deploy our tools in minutes.

em modeling
em modeling

During Connecting MBSE to Operations via Hybrid Digital Twins, Sameer Kher, senior director, product development at Ansys will show how incorporating hybrid digital twins into Ansys model-based systems engineering solutions helps customers bridge the gap between design operations and processes to improve their product designs.

Register for Simulation World 2024

It only takes a minute or two to sign up for Simulation World 2024. It’s your chance to connect with members of the global product development community as they come together to inspire you — and each other — with tales of agility, innovation, determination, and discovery on the way to solving them.

Once you're registered, you can view and rearrange your schedule before or during live sessions — all from the comfort of your personal workspace. Curate your own agenda based on a track or topic, then view, download, and share sessions with others, or export them to your calendar.

Every day, Ansys technologies are powering innovations that drive advancement. Simulation World 2024 is a chance for you see how they can help you do the same — whether you've got a seed of an idea you'd like to grow or are well on your way to innovating something new. And participation is free.

We've touched on day two, but of course, there's more. Day one will focus on stories, as told by our customers as they share how simulation helped bring their ideas to life, and day three will focus on equipping you with the best solutions. So be sure to sign up for Simulation World 2024 and inspire your colleagues to do the same.

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