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GPU-based Simulation Will Redefine Product Development

Discovery Live, powered by NVIDIA GPU, can simulate this computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation much faster than traditional simulation software.

As product development times shrink, designers are pressured to use simulation to produce near optimal designs.

The challenge is that most simulation tools focus on precision and not speed. As a result, these tools don’t operate fast enough for early design exploration.

So, instead of simulation guiding the development cycle, it is often used to verify a near final design. This is a sub-optimal because changes early in product development have a lower cost and higher impact than changes later in development.

Alternatively, “simulation software that is accelerated by graphical processing units (GPUs) can offer designers simulation results exceptionally fast,” says Andrew Rink, industry marketing strategy lead at NVIDIA.

So, designers can use ANSYS Discovery Live — powered by NVIDIA GPUs — to simulate while they design. This way, designers can make more informed decisions that lead to near optimal concepts early in product development.

How Discovery Live’s GPU-Accelerated Simulations Will Change Product Development

Designers can change the shape of this rear-view mirror and instantly see how it affects the aerodynamics.

“Discovery Live’s simulation software has the potential to redefine the whole product development cycle,” says Rink.

For instance, designers won’t be limited to conservative improvements each product update.

The speed of Discovery Live gives designers the freedom to test multiple — potentially radical — design changes. The designer can also be confident that these changes will improve the design because they are guided by simulation.

“Designers can try out unconventional ideas they may have had for years to see if those modifications have the potential to improve the product’s performance,” said Rink. “Previously, this would have been too slow and too expensive to be feasible. Now with Discovery Live, the designer can have answers within minutes.”

Discovery Live’s instant simulation capabilities will empower designers to develop optimal designs. This frees up simulation analysts to focus on refining and validating the design with assessments that require the precision of traditional simulation software.

To learn more about how GPUs are affecting the simulation software industry — as well as the physically based rendering software industry — read NVIDIA’s Advanced Product Design for Industry 4.0 E-Guide Series’ Part 2: Detailed Product Design: Earlier Simulation, Faster Iteration, Greater Innovation.